Individual & Business Sponsorships

We are now accepting individual and business sponsorship to help us with our programs and building costs.

Checks can be written to Albion Cultural Exchange c/o Town of Wakefield, MA

Please e-mail to coordinate check pickup.

North Star Realtors
Laurie Hunt has made many donations to the Albion Cultural Exchange over the last several years.  The latest donation is for a commercial grade Roomba to help keep the facility clean. With numerous events and significant foot traffic, keeping the floors clean is an everyday task and can be labor intensive given the 1800+ square feet of space on the gallery main floor.  "The new renovations are amazing and I am happy to help provide some tools to keep it clean." according to Laurie Hunt of North Star Realtors.  "Many of our customers talk about all the fun they have had at ACE events" she continued.