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Limited Tickets for the Food Fight Movie Screening on March 2, 2017 are available now.

Upcoming Events:

Upcoming Events

February 15, 2017

Arts Collaborative of Wakefield - monthly meeting

March 2, 2017

First Thursday Downtown

Food Fight Movie Screening - Albion Cultural Exchange 

"Local Eats Week" Kickoff

March 2 - 12, 2017

Local Eats Week
March 15, 2017Arts Collaborative of Wakefield - monthly meeting
April 6, 2017

First Thursday Downtown 

"Art Blooms on Albion" - Albion Cultural Exchange 

April 19, 2017Arts Collaborative of Wakefield - monthly meeting
April 29, 2017Blossoms at the Beebe
May 4, 2017

First Thursday Downtown 

"Paul D'Angelo Comedy Show"

 Albion Cultural Exchange 

May 17, 2017Arts Collaborative of Wakefield - monthly meeting

Other events around Wakefield



First Thursdays Downtown returns with a Food Fight


The Albion Cultural Exchange is happy to announce we will be hosting a movie screening of "Food Fight, Inside the Battle for Market Basket" as the Kick Off Event of the 2017 First Thursday Season and "Local Eats" Week in Wakefield.

Thursday March 2, 2017 - 7pm

Limited Tickets Now Available!

About the Film:
In the summer of 2014, a firestorm within a New England supermarket chain sparked a corporate drama that Esquire Magazine called “the last stand for the middle class”. Food Fight is the inside story of the battle to save Market Basket, and about the power of ordinary, passionate people to rewrite corporate history.

Art Blooms on Albion! First Thursday April 6th 2017

Comedy Show - Paul D'Angelo First Thursday May 4th 2017